A bit over feeling like something is missing no matter what you achieve?

Keen to end the thumb twiddling and get cracking on a more fulfilling version of life?

Discover the practical approach to finding your (bloody elusive) life passion, getting clear and confident that you’re on the right track and wrangling the fulfilment & excitement back into your life

Without even a smidgeon of fluffy, bs advice like "love yourself more", "follow your bliss" or "write down your passions"

Gidday, I’m Andrea, a practical, skeptical overachiever who got stuck in a fog of overthinking for way too bloody long.

Here’s a wee story of how I finally located my (bloody annoyingly) elusive passion...

7 years ago if you’d asked me what my passion was, I would have made up some bollocks that would segue into telling you that I have an architecture degree so that you’d know I was a practical, intelligent person, not a stupid blonde.

I would have wanted you to think I was intelligent, because that was how I’d divert you from realising that I had no idea who I was and I had no particular passion for anything.

My charisma was nowhere to be seen.

In its place was a facade of over-thinking, people-pleasing, and trying to fit into a mould of the person I thought I should be.

I felt lost, like a complete failure - other people seemed to know what they wanted from life, why didn’t I?

In a moment of unexpected clarity as I walked across the architecture campus in Dublin, my gut instinct announced its opinion on my chosen career.

“Fuck this.”

I took this profound piece of wisdom on board, and a few panicky nights later I had quit architecture and zoomed off to travel again, lost, confused, and feeling guilty as all hell.

Eventually by way of a million zigs and 2 million zags, following only my curiosity, I stumbled across something that would change my life forever. Mindfulness.

For the first time I could remember, my eyes were alight with fascination.

I’d read mindfulness & neuroplasticity books til late at night and rave about it to anyone who’d listen.

Cut to a few years and a whole lot of skipped-details later, Project Self was born, teaching mindfulness to indecisive overachievers who raise an eyebrow at mindfulness.

Soon I discovered that I wasn’t alone… many others struggled with bloody-elusive-passion finding too!

After coaching hundreds of clients over the last few years,

I found that 86.7% of them (probably) were stuck on what I’d been stuck on years before:

feeling lost in successful careers that didn’t fulfil them as much as they’d expected, and wishing they could find their passion so they’d stop procrastinating their life away in a fog of indecision.

They’d say things like...

“I feel like something is always missing in my life; it really gets me down and kills my motivation.”

“How do I find my passion when my head is so foggy I can't even work out what I want for breakfast?”

“I feel completely lost and without purpose. I don't feel I can talk to anyone around me about it because when you look at my life from the outside, it's hard to see why anything would be wrong. I have a good job, an amazing husband, great friends and family & interesting hobbies but I just feel like I'm going through the motions of day to day life.”

“I’m only sure of what I don’t want, and have no idea what I do want. I feel like a failure for not having a passion”

And my favourite -

“Is it normal to feel like the inflatable flailing arm man as I try to navigate my way through life?”

By the time they work with me, my clients have usually tried what I call:

The common (yet frustratingly sappy & ineffective) approach to finding your passion

Step 1:

Just try to love yourself more

Step 2:

Follow your bliss, do more of what excites you

Step 3:

Follow other common fluffy passion-finding advice

Step 4:

End up exactly where they started:

    • Overwhelmed
    • People pleasing
    • Procrastinating
    • Bored
    • Comparing themselves to others
    • Lost
    • Frustrated

It was apparent that my clients were facing the same roadblocks that I faced when I was searching for my passion...

The 3 hidden roadblocks that hold us back from finding our (bloody elusive) passion

Roadblock 1:

Believing that our passion must be something that we can do as a career.

The truth is that the clues to our passion are everywhere, but if we don’t know what we’re looking for, we’ll blindly steamroll over all the clues en route to finding the one elusive passion that we can do as a career for the rest of our lives.

Instead we need to start paying attention to the things that make us curious, even if they don’t obviously represent a viable career option.

If you’re unsure what makes you curious and excited, learning your values will narrow down where to start.

Roadblock 2:

Believing that we’ll need to spend a lot of time and money re-training in order to follow our passion, that we have to be good at it already, AND that once we find The Thing, it has to become the central focus of our life.

The truth is, we often SUCK at our passions to start with, so we throw in the towel too early and miss out on another clue. If we focus on all the money and time we think we’ll have to spend on following our passion, we won’t follow our curiosities, and without following our curiosities, we’ll miss out on more clues.

Instead of trying to find out how we can make our passion the central focus of our life, we can take one mundane activity that we do routinely (Facebook scrolling?) and replace it with something that we’re really curious about and see where it leads us.

Roadblock 3:

Fear that we’ll fail or that our friends and family will judge us

The truth is that our mind will ALWAYS try to prevent us from social isolation and humiliation. It will continue to create a shitload of fear every time we try to step outside our comfort zone and do something that we’re not yet confident at.

This lack of confidence needlessly holds so many of us back from creating a life we want.

Unless we’re aware of what’s happening, the fear will likely have us running back to the safety of our comfort zone, and our passions and curiosities will remain unexplored.

Instead we need to get really clear on the identity that we’re living within and the stories we’re telling ourselves, so that we can get free from them and try things out EVEN THOUGH we might feel fearful and useless.

Uhhh, so how exactly do you find your bloody elusive passion?

Having realised that so many of my clients were struggling to find their passion and feeling really low about it, I got to work developing a solution.

I looked back at my own messy path to fulfilment and passion, narrowed down the many mistakes I’d made, and looked at how I could have short-cutted a lot of the crap. I worked backwards to formulate a framework that would help my clients get clearer on their direction and create action plans for finding their passion so that they wouldn't waste as many years flailing as I did.

I tested this framework on my 1-1 and group coaching clients, and was amazed at how much clarity and excitement they got out of it, and how quickly it changed things for them.

Here's what these legends got from learning to nail their values & passions:

Sarah, Doctor, AUS

Before learning my values I felt like I was all over the place, grasping at new projects/ goals/ cities/ countries, hoping one of them at random would make me happy and fulfilled.

Working out my values with Andrea has given me a greater depth of understanding of who I am, why I've made some of the decisions I have in the past and what makes me happiest.

It made me excited about life again!

It has helped me make difficult (and easy) decisions, because now I have a sense of what aligns with my values and what doesn't. I'd highly recommend this to everyone.

Sarah, Doctor, AUS

Rebecca, Project Manager in Banking, Norway

I'd always had this feeling that I was totally in the wrong career, but I could never put my finger on why. It was just this constant shadow, always there ready to take the shine off a good day at work. Long evenings of scrolling through endless job search pages would leave me so overwhelmed and confused that I'd run away from it all ostrich-like, with my head in the sand.

Andrea asked me questions in a way that got me looking at what I truly value from a totally different perspective. Things felt clearer and I could suddenly see exactly why my career wasn't fulfilling.

It was one of the most enlightening moments of my adult life.

For the first time I could actually articulate what it was about my job and my career that I did and didn't like and for the first time, genuinely understand WHY. That was huge for me! It became really clear to me that in order to be authentic to myself, something needed to change.

Rebecca, Project Manager in Banking, Norway

Emma, Director, UK

This and BGL have made a huge impact on my life already.

I found the whole thing genuinely insightful and practical, it was a clear and straightforward approach. Andrea's delivery was exceptional as always. I'm yet to find someone who talks in such a genuine and thoughtful way.

If you really want to start to understand why you do what you do and how you can be doing what you really should be doing - this is the course for you. Andrea is so approachable, empathetic, insightful and Frickin Fab! You can't fail to take something from it.

Emma, Director, UK

Heather, Educational Publishing, Dubai

So much stuff out there is airy and theoretical. Andrea's direct and practical approach to things is refreshing and is often what is missing from other courses. Andrea is able to break things down and make them relevant and reachable.

I found this course fascinating, immensely valuable and very enlightening!

This course has given me relevant and tangible steps to take in order to get clear on my own personal values and more importantly to explain WHY these are my values. I would recommend this course to anyone who is unsure of what they really consider their own personal values and how these inform their life decisions.

Love your work Andrea! It truly has helped me in so many aspects of my life. I am so grateful I found you!

Heather, Educational Publishing, Dubai

This framework helps indecisive overachievers find fulfilment in their everyday lives, get clear on their direction and confident that they’re on the right track

And now having realised that this could benefit so many more people than I can work with 1-1, I’ve made it into an online program! This system is...

The new, practical, step-by-step AND systematic approach (shit, son!) to finding your passion so you can get unstuck, get clear on your direction & confident that your life is on the right track for YOU.

...so that you can wake up with a grin (even on a Monday) AND be that charismatic person who inspires others with your zingy-ness.


How it works

Module 1: Get clear on your direction & confident that your life is on the right track for YOU

  • Your Signposts - The key to overcoming the fear of uncertainty and failure
  • Why most goals are bollocks, and how to guarantee lasting fulfilment and happiness (even if you don't end up achieving your goal)
  • 11 questions that will uncover what ACTUALLY bloody matters to you
  • "The Tea Strainer Trick" - How to identify the opportunities that are right for you (and spotting distractions disguised as opportunities so you stop accidentally barking up the wrong tree)
  • “The Anti-Railroadisation technique" - How to stop yourself from getting railroaded by others’ expectations (quit your chronic people-pleasing habit and get confident in your decisions)

Module 2: Find your passions - your cure to procrastination & overwhelm

  • 9 Sherlock questions for uncovering your bloody elusive passion
  • Why “follow your passion” is the most unhelpful quote to come out of InstaPinterestLand, and instead, actual strategies to find fulfilment that you can implement ASAP.
  • How to immediately start pursuing your passion (even when you think it’s unfeasible)
  • A map to stop you swerving into procrastinationville and overwhelmland
  • The secret sauce to finding your source of infinite motivation and leap-out-of-bedness

Module 3: Get unstuck, regain control over your life & start living life on your damn terms

  • Why our minds are "designed" in a way that prevents us from feeling happy and fulfilled (and what to do about it)
  • The Scooby Strategy for finding the REAL SLIM SHADY (you) and uncovering the fake you - how to differentiate what-you-really-want from all the SHOULDS.
  • "Knee-jerk denial test" - An exercise to uncover your self-sabotaging identity, and how to spot it when it’s getting in your way.

Video training modules

  • 3 VIDEO TRAINING MODULES delivered over 6 weeks

    I'll teach you my passion and values finding techniques that have changed my life along with personal stories that you can relate to and practical ways for you to implement them in your own life. You'll feel like I'm chatting to you 1-1, just a whole lot more affordable!

    Each module is broken down into bite sized and snappy pieces, so that you can fully implement them at your own pace and fit them into your busy schedule

    So you go deeper on all of the modules and come back to them again and again - you'll learn something new every time as your perspective shifts.

Audio & Transcript downloads


    Listen to the modules on the way to work or read the written transcripts on the train, fit the program into your day without having to carve out extra time.

Printable PDF workbooks


    Practical action steps that guide you step-by-step through the process with no confusion. No "just write down your passions" type shenanigans - I'll explain exactly what to do to implement these techniques in your life for real!

100% Bloody Great Course Guarantee

After whipping through the Nail Your Values & Find Your (Bloody Elusive) Passion program...

  • You will feel bloody good for finally taking action and making time to focus on one of the most important things in your life
  • You will be able to quickly discern between opportunities that are going to fulfil you and those that won't so you can stop getting caught up in shit you don't like
  • You will have TANGIBLE action steps to take so you can stop doing the dithery procrastination thing and stay on track, Jack.
  • You will be clear on the roadblocks that have been holding you stuck and be clear on how to get around them
  • You will be have a list of ways to bring more fulfilment into your everyday life while you explore your passions

If any of these things do NOT happen for you, or if you're unsatisfied with the program for any reason (including if you sense any rainbow-and-butterfly-bollocksness),

just shoot me an email with why you’re dissatisfied within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll give you all your money back. If you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

So there's absolutely no risk! Sweet.

Alison, IT tech, Sydney

I feel so much more content and grounded having completed the course.

I didn't really know what I wanted to focus on in my life. I felt like I was bouncing from one thing to the next without any real direction but NYVP brought everything together for me.

It was a brilliant course - useful, practical and fun. I feel so much more content and grounded having completed the course.

Alison, IT tech, Sydney

Bailey, Chartered Accountant, Ireland

I absolutely loved this course, it was so powerful

I was struggling to be interested, let alone passionate about anything and was feeling generally fed up. I was trying to figure out a potential new career path and it was consuming my thoughts and making me very negative.

NYVP highlighted to me why I felt so dissatisfied with certain parts of my life and also that I wasn't (until now) doing anything to change it. I absolutely loved this course, it was so powerful, I recommend it to everyone.

Bailey, Chartered Accountant, Ireland

Bronwyn, Renewable Energy, Consultant, Scotland

NYVP was actually life changing for me!

I was struggling with Life! Feeling like I had rationalised/logic-ed things to death and still wasn't happy with the outcomes. NYVP was actually life changing for me - this stuff should be taught at school!! I cannot recommend this course more highly. Thanks (again) Andrea, you've created something very special here.

Bronwyn, Renewable Energy, Consultant, Scotland

Emma, Director of Client Success, UK

Andrea has got a unique ability to communicate often quite complex ideas in a very straightforward way that can be applied to your life easily and quickly.

I was feeling like I was running around trying to keep other people happy and not really giving any thought to what I wanted to be doing/achieving. I can never resist the opportunity to work with Andrea and again, the course was brilliant.

Andrea has got a unique ability to communicate often quite complex ideas in a very straightforward way that can be applied to your life easily and quickly. I would always recommend Andrea's courses without hesitation. Being on these courses has changed my life. They have helped me to find clarity, acceptance and peace within myself.

Emma, Director of Client Success, UK

Heather, Educational Sales, Dubai

I love and recommend Andrea’s work so much!!

Before the course I wasn't clear on what I was looking for in life. The NYVP program has helped me to get clear, identify my values, and understand how to use these values to help me make decisions.

Since completing the course I have been moving towards more things that actually align with my values - which has brought so many great new things and experiences into my life!

Heather, Educational Sales, Dubai


Am I guaranteed to find my passion?


Passion finding is a lifelong process which won’t necessarily be complete by the end of the three modules, but I’ll provide you with the steps and the tools to immediately start exploring your passions so that you don’t keep getting stuck at dead ends and can start feeling inspired and fulfilled along the journey.

The course will give you a completely new perspective on your passion-finding mission that I guarantee will bring more fulfilment and enjoyment into your everyday life, whether you instantly find your passions or not.

How is it different from the other stuff out there?

“So much stuff out there is airy and theoretical. Andrea's direct and practical approach to things is refreshing and is often what is missing from other courses.

Andrea is able to break things down and make them relevant and reachable. This course has given me relevant and tangible steps to take in order to get clear on my own personal values and more importantly to explain WHY these are my values.” - Heather, Dubai

How can I be sure that I will use it?


“Andrea goes outside the box to help people understand things and has a really great way of captivating you so that you don't get caught up in over analysing. She speaks the truth and doesn't set you up for unrealistic results. She is honest and open about her life and gives scenarios from her own journey to help you understand we are all somewhat the same.” - Ebony, AUS

Many online courses I’ve tried have been far too intangible and impractical, so whilst I often learnt interesting knowledge, I rarely was able to implement it because I wasn’t clear on how to make it relevant in my own life.

I’ve broken the course down into practical, step by step instructions that you can easily apply in your own life, and included lots of personal, relatable stories that will keep you engaged and inspired to follow through on every module.

I’ve surveyed hundreds of people to find out exactly what they wanted to know about passion & values so the course is as relevant and helpful as possible.

How much time do I need to spend on this?

This is a three module program spread over 6 weeks to give you plenty of time to assimilate and take action on each module every fortnight.

I recommend setting aside 2 hours per week to get the most out of the course. Since you have lifetime access to the course you can spread this time out to make it fit into your busy life in a way that works for you.

  • 1 hour per fortnight to watch each video module (1 module every fortnight for 6 weeks)
  • 1-2 hours per week to fill in the workbook and take action to make small changes in your daily life
Do I really need to do it now?

If you’ve been stuck for a while, ask yourself, what impact has not knowing my passions had on my life so far. How long are you willing to let that continue for?

If not now, when?

What if I don’t have time? Can I come back and complete it later?

For shizzle, once you’re in, you’re set for life, you have lifetime access to the modules and workbooks so you can keep coming back to them as you progress on your journey.

What's the schedule? When does the program start and end?

This is a 6 week program with modules released fortnightly to give you plenty of time to implement each module before starting the next.

The intro video is released in an email the minute you sign up, then 1 day later you'll receive module 1, then two weeks after that, module 2, then two weeks after that, module 3.

Is this course different from Bloody Good Life? Is it worth doing both?

NYVP is completely different to BGL, I've designed the programs so that you could do either BGL or NYVP, or both.

I ended up creating this new passion & values program because I realised that in the long term, the mindfulness techniques in BGL will get people more in tune with their gut instinct which will help them get clear on their direction and sense of self, however in working with my 1-1 clients I realised that I needed some strategies to help people to get clear on what REALLY matters to them much more quickly so they could start so they can make more confident decisions about their career and start taking action sooner rather than waiting a year or more for their gut instinct to kick in like it did for me.

The techniques taught in BGL will be incredibly useful in implementing what I teach in this course, so if you've also done BGL, you'll be fully equipped from both angles!

There's a 30 day money back guarantee so if you sign up and try the first 2 modules and decide it's not for you you can just email me and explain why and I'll give you a refund no worries.

Paula, NZ

I really liked the fact that Andrea was able to convey complex topics in a very relatable way, she takes it in manageable steps which makes it much easier to understand.

Paula, NZ

Aoife, Ireland

Andrea is awesome and practical! She sees the clear problem/solution and strips away all the other "what if's"!

Aoife, Ireland

Before you enrol, let’s clarify…

Who this is FOR:

Overachievers who are fed up with feeling like something is missing & keen to quit thumb twiddling and take action to live a more fulfilling life

Who this is NOT for:

People who are happy with thumb twiddling and lack of passion, who aren’t too phased by whether or not they’re fulfilled and therefore are not willing to take any action.

If this course sounds like it’s for you, get in there asap...

Person A:

Doesn't make time nor seek guidance to find their passion:

Month 1: dabbles / has no sense of direction / gets overwhelmed / procrastinates

Month 6: dabbles / has no sense of direction / feels lazy / procrastinates a bit extra

Month 12: dabbles / feels more lost than ever / loses confidence / procrastinates ---> Ends up exactly where they started, a bit more confused.


Person B:

Decides to make time and sign up to get this passion-finding shenanigans on the road!

Month 1: Gets stuck into the course. Gets inspired. Starts to rearrange parts of life to get back on track and add more fulfilment to their everyday life. Feels energised that they finally took action.

Month 6: Feeling fulfilled in everyday activities, narrowing down direction even more, confidence grows as they realise how much more on track they feel since 6 months ago.

Month 12: Has found multiple passions along the journey, is enjoying day to day life and is making decisions with confidence using their highly tuned values. Feels sure of their direction and gives themselves a high five

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

- Karen Lamb

Join the rest of the crew stoked about finding their values & passions...

Sarah, AUS

It made me excited about life again! It has helped me make difficult (and easy) decisions, because now I have a sense of what aligns with my values and what doesn't.

Sarah, AUS

Rebecca, Norway

It was one of the most enlightening moments of my adult life.

For the first time I could actually articulate what it was about my job and my career that I did and didn't like and for the first time, genuinely understand WHY.

Rebecca, Norway

Emma, UK

You can't fail to take something from it. This and BGL 101 have made a huge impact on my life already.

Emma, UK

To find your passion, get clear on your direction and fulfilled in your everyday life…

Click sign up below. Once your registration is confirmed, you’ll be redirected to the membership site where the intro module will be waiting for you to get started straight away!

How much is a fulfilling life?

129 USD


Psst - 129 USD is equivalent to the 4 blocks of Pana Chocolate and 4 bottles of wine you may or may not drink in the next couple of months while pondering the meaning of life and feeling mildly annoyed with yourself for never taking action and instead looking for fulfilment in chocolate. Which totally works, for the moment you're eating it. Or join us in the program, get directionised, and become excited and fulfilled by life again so that you completely forget about whether or not there's chocolate mousse in the fridge.

Alsoooo it’s less than the price of a 50 minute 1-1 session with me in which we’d cover only 1/8th of the content of this course.

Psst, if you’re feeling unmotivated, stuck,overwhelmed, unsure how to distinguish what you want from what others might think of you, and you just don’t know where to begin...

I’ll walk you step by step through the process of getting clear on what REALLY matters to you, show how to bring more fulfilment into your everyday life so you can wake up feeling excited and energised, and help you create a personal framework that you can use to feel confident that you’re making the right decisions for you.

And if you’re unsatisfied with the program, shoot me an email to let me know why you’re dissatisfied within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll return 100% of your money - if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.

Jane, Legal Secretary, Christchurch

I absolutely loved NYVP

I was lacking purpose and direction. I absolutely loved NYVP. Andrea is so relatable and honest and I am now so much more aware of the path I should be on and am able to use the tools I have learnt to make decisions in line with my values. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

Jane, Legal Secretary, Christchurch

Laila, Operations Director, London

I have learnt so much about myself! I loved it!

Having done (and loved) Andrea’s BGL course, I couldn’t not take another opportunity to do another of her brilliant courses! I was hoping to take her guidance in figuring out my values and passion in life and the NYVP program helped me achieve exactly that! I loved it!

I am now living my life more in line with my values and taking the time to be curious and explore more what I really enjoy and it's far more fulfilling! I just love Andrea's style and teaching and I have learnt so much about myself!

Laila, Operations Director, London

Laura, Nurse, Scotland

I have more confidence, I’m more assertive and much happier, I absolutely loved this course!

I was struggling with decision making, feeling bogged down and lost and like my life was at a crossroads and I was not sure which way to turn. NYVP has helped me so much! I absolutely loved this course. It's fresh and different and Andrea has a magical way with words and is so good at describing how you are feeling. You never feel as though you are the only one feeling frustrated with life and what direction to take. The work books are excellently worded and make you think deeply about your true passions in life.

I now have a plan, more confidence in general, I'm more assertive and much happier. I’m feeling lighter, like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Andrea is brilliant!

Laura, Nurse, Scotland

Olivia, Teacher, Melbourne

This has been an incredible personal journey for me - NYVP is a game-changer

I had started a new career at the beginning of the year and felt very miserable about it, I felt like it really didn't suit me, it had taken over my whole life and that I had made a huge mistake going down that path. I really didn't have any strong pull to do anything else though, I was feeling very lost.

Dedicating time in the NYVP course to sit down and really define my values and what brings me happiness was a game-changer. It helped me to understand where I may have slid off the track in the past and how I can avoid doing it again in the future. This has been an incredible personal journey for me and I have gained so much from it.

Olivia, Teacher, Melbourne

Grant, Gardener, NZ

NYVP energised me to take action!

I was lacking direction and wanting to reconnect with my passions and values. NYVP has helped me so much. Andrea’s down to earth knowledge she has about how shit life can be and how to pull yourself out of a rut is so helpful.

If you’re feeling a bit lost and lacking direction in life, then this course is for you! You will have a very helpful, knowledgeable and down to earth teacher to share your journey with and help you to rediscover your values and passions! It opened so many doors to the past, present and future for me and energised me to take action. I definitely recommend NYVP!!

Grant, Gardener, NZ

Kelly, Australia

It helped me to make clear life decisions, I feel so happy!

I knew I had wanted more/something else for 10 years but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was getting overwhelmed by all my ideas and didn’t know how to go about achieving them. NYVP popped up and it just spoke to me. It was short, and pretty much nailed everything I currently needed in my life.

I loved the course. It helped me to make clear life decisions and changes and I got so much out of it. I feel so happy! I would definitely recommend the course to anyone ready to make a change in their life!

Kelly, Australia

Any questions not answered here? Email us